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Another election season

We are entering another election season. The crucial issue is whether the Democratic Party will retain its majorities in both the Senate and House, or whether the Republic Party will be in the majority in one of the chambers or both. But there is a deeper issue: how to prevent the presidential election in 2024 from producing a President of the USA who lost the popular vote and even the electoral college vote. This is possible due to serious flaws in the Electoral Count Act of 1887. My college roommate, Michael Otten, is a cofounder of Reform Elections Now, a national campaign led by leading constitutional scholars working to persuade Congress to pass a new law fixing the flaws in the 1887 Act and making the Electoral College process fit better in the modern world of today. Hopefully, this new law will be passed by the current Congress. If not, and the next Congress is more divided, it may become much harder to ensure a smooth Electoral College count after the 2024 election. Here is a link to the Reform Elections Now (REN) website: All who read this post who have voting representatives in the Congress (I don’t because I’m a resident of the District of Columbia) can help by urging their representative to co-sponsor or support the new law. Note that there is no Donate button on this website. The organizers want your voice, not your money. For my own part, I spend up to half of my time in Rappahannock County VA, where I have a weekend cabin on 4 acres purchased in 1981. I donate money to the Rappahannock County Democratic Committee, spend time writing messages on Get Out The Vote postcards, and support the cause in other ways. The county is in a district that has just been redistricted on the basis of the 2020 census. The incumbent was from the extreme right and has chosen not to run in the new district. We are hopeful that Jennifer Wexton, a Democratic Party member now seated in the House, will emerge as the elected representative of the new district in November.


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